Friday, August 7, 2015

San Juan Huts: Telluride to Moab Day 7

La Sal Hut to Moab 

Yay! Last day and I was so ready to be done. Well, really what I wanted was to be able to take a hot shower and sleep in a hotel room. This ride was 36 miles, starting elevation 8055 ft, down to 4000 ft. But don't be fooled by the drop like I was. Starting out, I had to climb. Damn! I thought it was going to be all down hill. I got out of the hut early, 7am, skipping coffee. A mistake to skip the caffiene. At one point during the climb, I had so little energy that I pulled over to down a bunch of peanut M & M's. It was enough to get me to the Kokopelli Trail head. I knew I was finally at the top when I heard a bunch of young boys whooping it up. A shuttle takes riders to the top of this trail where the "Whole Enchilada" starts, a single track that takes one all the way down to Moab. Famous among mountain bikers. I opted for the Kokopelli, tamer for this tired gal, plus I was carrying too much gear for a single track ride.


And then the "Wow" part of the ride began. I think I took more pictures of this area than anywhere else. Mother nature at it's most raw and powerful. Amazing scenery. At one point, I was slowing down to take in all the beauty and down I went. Owww! Covered in Moab dirt/dust, I was such a mess after 7 days of riding but I didn't care. It was just so beautiful everywhere.
When I made it into town, I checked into my hotel, asked where the best margarita was, took a shower, and walked the couple of blocks to get my reward. Napped for two hours and then headed out to get a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. A perfect way to finish a trip of a lifetime.
Btw, the footprints pics are dinosaurs.

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