Friday, August 7, 2015

San Juan Huts: Telluride to Moab Day 4

 Columbine Hut to Graham Ranch Hut

Shower time! At the end of today's ride, I would get my first bathing experience on this trip. So welcomed after yesterday's muddy ordeal. Still, Graham Ranch is off the grid so water has to be trucked in to supply the shower house. Cowboy showers are encouraged. Of the three shower stalls, I happened to choose the one that only had cold water. Found out from my hut mates later that the other two had hot. Damn! But refreshing, none the less.
Total mileage for today was 36.4 miles with a starting elevation of 9205ft, dropping down to 8300ft. About 6 hrs of riding. I wasn't looking forward to it warming up but I so appreciated the sense of riding downhill.


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