Friday, August 7, 2015

San Juan Huts: Telluride to Moab Day 5

Graham Ranch Hut to Gateway Hut

Today I really dropped in elevation, 8300ft to 4560ft, and while getting closer to Moab I had views of La Sal Mountains. Silly me thought it would continue to be a downhill ride to the end. Gateway Hut had the best views, with the sandstone formations that I so love about this part of the west. Unfortunately, with those great views, comes the heat. It was so stinking hot in the hut but the bugs ruled the outside. Gateway was also the first real "town" I happened to ride through on this trip. Ice cream, internet, and the Gateway Resort! My hut mate, Debbie, and I went over to the resort for dinner and a glass of wine, while her husband Jason went for a swim in the river. Apparently, they do quite the business with the riders coming through. I inquired about the cost of getting a room, I really didn't want to suffer through a hot night, but the price was $795...more than my mortgage payment. I chose to suffer. Found out later, the story of how this resort in the middle of nowhere, but with beautiful views, came about. The guy who owns the Discovery Channel had it built and corporations send their people there for conferences and whatever.

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