Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quiet Travel

A few nights before I was to leave on this trip, I was lying on my couch reading, feeling so nurtured in the sanctuary of my home.  My safe place.  Then thoughts of this trip jolted me out of that comfortable world and into the reality of "having" to leave in a few days.  I texted a friend that the idea of travel is always so much bigger than the actual doing.  I was dreading the hassle of getting to places, long flights and bus rides, the latter of which I wasn't sure I could manage with my limited Spanish. I was also apprehensive about traveling alone.  Lonlieness, really.

But something happened when I got to my first destination, Puerto Natales, and the sweet bed and breakfast where I would be staying.  Quiet. All the noise and busyness of airports, planes, and buses disappeared. I could relax, take care of details for the first leg of my trip, and happily just do my thing.  And with that, I am really enjoying this time on my own.  I don't have to lead, nor do I have to follow. I just get to wander.

Details for the next few days:

Mar 26 - 30 Torres de Paine--most likely off grid, no internet.
Mar 31 back to Puerto Natales, staying at Kau Lodge again :-)
Apr 1 heading to El Calafate, Argentina to see Perito Moreno Glacier, two nights at Hospedaje Lautaro

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