Tuesday, March 10, 2015

One Human Family

While visiting the Florida Keys recently, I kept seeing a bumper sticker:  One Human Family. And I thought "how perfect".  Especially in a time when travel, for various reasons: good and not so good, is becoming more obtainable for so many of us. It reminded me of one of the more touching experiences while hiking the Inca Trail in Peru.

We had 19 porters who carry, by law, a max of 44lbs each up and down the trail.  The first night after dinner, and after the porters had set up camp for us, we (tourists) were introduced to each of the porters, greeting them in their native language, Quechua.  It quickly dawned on me that this was meant to allow us to see these people who carry our tents, kitchen supplies, and everything else to make us comfortable, as human beings.  Shaking their hands and trying to speak their language was huge in removing any disconnect anyone of us might have had. 

And so, those words, One Human Family, are what I carry around with me wherever I go.  Whether it's to the Bay Area to hike/bike or even around my sweet neighborhood. The best part? Those words weigh nothing.  In fact, they lighten the load so many of us carry.

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